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I remember my mom cutting these with a fluted pasta wheel and making them in the shape of a bowtie? Kind of a weird recipe, going to try it out and see if it is anything like I remember!

Corn Souffle

James’ favorite side dish 🙂

Italian Tuna Salad

Looks delish – wanted to make this, so I put it here so I’d remember 🙂

Death, Taxes, AT&T and SiriusXM

So, to be sure, you can count on a few things – the usuals like Death and Taxes… but there are two others that you can ABSOLUTELY count on: wanting to kill yourself when having any interaction with AT&T OR SiriusXM. There, I said it, and I feel much better! Here’s why I’m feeling the […]

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

This couldn’t be an easier recipe, and very tasty! Make some microwaved Provolone Cheese cut into wedges and you got a delicious treat!

How to fix Nikon Capture NX2 problem in Yosemite

I had a interesting issue while setting up  my new iMac today.  Most of the software I had on the old iMac came over just fine, except Nikon Capture NX2.  I can’t remember what I did when I copied it over originally, but it worked, and I thought I could just copy it over again […]


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