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Italian Tuna Salad

Looks delish – wanted to make this, so I put it here so I’d remember :)

Death, Taxes, AT&T and SiriusXM

So, to be sure, you can count on a few things – the usuals like Death and Taxes… but there are two others that you can ABSOLUTELY count on: wanting to kill yourself when having any interaction with AT&T OR SiriusXM. There, I said it, and I feel much better! Here’s why I’m feeling the […]

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

This couldn’t be an easier recipe, and very tasty! Make some microwaved Provolone Cheese cut into wedges and you got a delicious treat!

How to fix Nikon Capture NX2 problem in Yosemite

I had a interesting issue while setting up  my new iMac today.  Most of the software I had on the old iMac came over just fine, except Nikon Capture NX2.  I can’t remember what I did when I copied it over originally, but it worked, and I thought I could just copy it over again […]

Roast Beef Kummelweck

Slices of slow-roasted beef, flavored with secret seasonings and sliced to perfection create Royal Caribbean’s signature Kummelweck sandwich, an onboard sensation that makes the perfect snack for guests at Park Cafe

Carrot layer cake

Preparing this cake in a half sheet pan means that it bakes and cools in far less time than a conventional layer cake, and‐cut into quarters‐it produces four thin, level layers that do not require splitting or trimming before frosting.


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